Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Guide and Protect


Guide and Protect


MotoGP as past a mandate in regards to brake lever guards stating that motorcycles must be equipped with brake lever guard protection, intended to protect the front brake lever from accidentally activation by contact with another machine.
FIM ruling also states that a bikes fairing can be extending to cover the brake lever—as viewed from the front, covers the lever— can be acceptable protection from brake application caused by collision. As long as it’s strong enough to function effectively and its design doesn’t add further risk to the rider to be injured or trapped. This decision is left to the sole discretion of the FIM Technical Director.

Instead of the extra-wide aerodynamically challenged front faring, teams can opt for brake lever guard like this Rizoma ProGuard designed to suffice scrutineering of lever protection. Rizoma also said that their ProGuard design product also protects levers from aero-forces applying unwanted lever pressure that cause brake-drag and clutch-slippage once machines speeds exceeded 112mph; hence the holes seen machined in race levers.
Rizoma ProGuard is being used by many Moto2 and MotoGP teams including Factory Ducati. So we got a hold of Nicky Hayden and asked how he felt about the new rule and this brake guard device?
Hayden shared “Well it's a rule this year so everybody is using them. And for me, truthfully on the track I don't even notice they are there. There is theories that some people believe they gonna cause more problems then really help, so well just have to wait and see, time will tell.”
Rizoma ProGuard is made of aluminum of magnesium and manganese, an amalgam engineered to resist corrosion, ware and assure rigidity to guard and protect lever from impact. Rizoma patented protection system guards against unintentional brake activation on the race track is now available for your sportbike.

Rizoma ProGuard’s are available in silver, black and gold, for most bikes. If you do not see your bike on the list for specific fitment Rizoma make a universal mounting kick that should fit your bike.

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909/342/2307 rizoma.com info@rizoma.com / usa@rizoma.com

$114 each side  

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