Wednesday, October 2, 2013

Tail of Time


Time is a Joker with a three-pointed-poker.
Time is a cancer and a dancer on your grave.
Time does not behave, time we try to save when it’s us
time is trying to slay.
Break away, save maybe one day from time the great E-Racer.
Faster than time is himself, he who can leave
time on a shelf, is he chasing time or is time chasing him?
Where does he end and time begin.
Is the end of time the beginning of he who is so fast
Time he can out last, racing so far ahead he’s changing
his past.  
Tying time with its own tail time this time proven to have failed
Who is he who is so fast he keeps time at bay, you might have met him today.

He might have come your way, he must continue to No End, for he is Infinity your friend, who keeps the beginning from meeting the end.   

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