Sunday, September 22, 2013

Incidental protection

Dion Device Factory Racer
Incidental protection
by Cernicky 

Ever out wide, in deep and tag your front brake lever on the back of the bike you’re trying to out brake? Or swerve out of someone’s draft to make the pass, who swerves too, the same way as you; bump your brake lever on the back of his bike and momentarily smoke your front tire? Or been splitting lanes and fold a mirror back with your when you clip a mirror and get a little stoppie surprise? Before luck runs out the Dion Device came out with the Factory Racer brake guard.    

Dion Device was inspired by unfortunate circumstance. In 2005 Max Mercier son of Michel Mercier, crashes in Shannonville Motorsport Park and was killed. Stephane Dion, promised to stop that from ever happening again; by 07 devised the Dion Device called “Max Guard” designed and developed  Jeff Dion test in race condition—09, filed a patent for his brake lever guard.

In 2012, at Daytona International Speedway Dion Device teamed up with the RedBull/RoadRace Factory whose riders, Hayden Gillim, Jake Gagne, Tomas Pureta and JD Beach, ran the new brake guard on there Yamaha 600 as part of the official product launch and news spread fast in the paddock and about this new safety feature currently in use by the Danny Walker run team. 

This patented brake lever protector attaches to the handlebar from the inside of the grip, angles 90° handle bar in front of the lever—like a good enduro hand guard— protecting it from accidental activation. The Device will flip forward incase a hand get stuck behind it and will return—with spring-loaded-action—to its protective position.  Manufactured the US from 7075-T5 aluminum and carbon fiber, weighs only 6.35oz (180grams) and fits most sportbikes with little modifications or no modifications.  

Not compulsory in the AMA…yet. But when racing is close and push comes to shove improve your chances of survival with the Dion Device, $299 patented protection are now available.


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