Thursday, January 16, 2014

   With the most modern motorbikes at my fingertips I never got too fired up by some old leaky squeaky drum braked bike that made 100 mph seam like a ton. Then I happen to come across a bike built in 1928 with banked forward water-cooled porcelain cylinder-barrels, handmade honeycomb thermosiphon cooled two-stroke; the first to be kick-started to life in Yorkshire UK, that is very interesting.
     This Twin-cylinder 500cc two-stroke had a centrally fit flywheel weight, a three-speed transmission, oil-injection system, telescopic forks and was competitive in events from trials to the TT. If you’re interested, there is a lot more to find and read about a bike that started the mass centralization movement among many others. This is my favorite vintage bike, because it was so far ahead of its time.

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